Adrift and directionless souls, take note: Your true self lurks out there, awaiting brilliant discovery and prosperous cultivation.

Inside the expert guidance of internationally recognized leadership and self-development coach Anne Rose, you can define your needs, values, purpose, passion and vision, and learn strategies for creating an empowered life path unlike any you’ve ever known. Starting at the critical juncture where communication, leadership and self-development intersect, Anne offers dynamic coaching sessions that find their strength in a high level of participant engagement and more than a little nod to the power of fun. Through them, countless individuals have been inspired and emboldened to uncover their life’s true purpose. Find out how you might be similarly transformed.

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Sharply refined assertiveness, motivation, team-building, communication, leadership and conflict resolution together make up the essentials in the cutlery drawer of an individual’s personal and professional success. Shortlisted by Motorola as a top speaker and named Toyota Canada’s number-one speaker, Anne offers fundamental training in each that’s enlightening and inspiring enough to both capture the attention of participants for in-class illumination and secure their after-the-fact retention of same.

Better still, Anne’s highly sensitive and professional training has been demonstrated to increase productivity among professionals by a full 22 percent. Combining it with coaching improved the productivity gain to 88 percent. Folks seeking the same bump to their bottom line would benefit dramatically with a training session with Anne, who’s devoted 25 years to helping Fortune 500 team members achieve better results, increase satisfaction, produce clearer communication and enjoy enhanced team cohesion. Find out more.



Feeling stuck, disengaged, uninspired or purposeless? Hungry for bigger helpings of fulfillment and personal satisfaction? Keen to identify a means of incorporating sustainable change in your life such that you might enjoy a more rewarding embrace of the real you?

Ignite! Your Purpose, Passion, Vision and Strengths — a new book by leadership and self-development coach Anne Rose — is a powerful resource that invites readers on a serious journey of self-exploration designed to culminate in the rediscovery of their true calling. In it, the founder of Innergized Solutions offers compelling and confident counsel on how a human being might make the best of that state by way of an abundance of exercises and self-reflection. Warmly written in an engaging and interaction-inviting style, Ignite! is designed to help readers find their own authentic path, and then to take evolutionary steps along it that lead them to a place of powerful satisfaction and unprecedented self-fulfillment.


Ignite! … your purpose, passion, vision and strengths!

Anne’s new book: Ignite.. your purpose, passion, vision and strengths will be available in September.


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  • Want to set and finally ACHIEVE your goals?
  • Seeking direction and purpose?
  • Want greater balance in your life?
  • Yearning to know, understand and leverage your strengths and values?

Join Anne in the process of self discovery in Ignite!
You can schedule a one-on-one session with Anne, or attend the transformational Ignite! program.
By connecting with our vision and approaching life from that center, we not only become more effective, we become renewed. Innergized Solutions is about helping you become a truly authentic, high performing and highly satisfied leader, someone who:

  • is authentic, allowing natural leadership style to emerge
  • uses energy reserves more efficiently, allowing more energy for key tasks, better balance and less stress
  • handles conflict and challenges more effectively
  • leverages strengths: the things that you love to do!
  • contributes to higher profitability and creates a top employer environment

So welcome. I invite you to explore this site and get connected with the resources that will help you engage, envision, inspire and empower.







Anne Rose

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