Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching

As a seasoned organizational leader, certified coach and practitioner Anne brings a well-rounded breadth of experience and tools to help you maximize your performance in your career. Using established and trusted tools Anne works with you to define what key factors are necessary to achieve the next level of success. Using laser focused coaching you can expect to experience positive change from the first session. You will identify 5 key objectives to improving your work results, satisfaction and contribution. Each week you will work toward those objectives. Anne’s clients report achieving 95% or greater results in 3 months or less!
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Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching

Anne brings a big toolbox to the relationship. This includes several Coaching certifications and designations, Neuro Lingusitic Programming, Journey work, Time Line Therapy, Intuition, Energy work, Emotional Freedom Technique and Corporate Leadership experience. In other words, Anne has a variety of modalities and approaches to help you achieve your goals easily.
Anne guides you through a framework and tools for you to connect with your resolve old issues, reconnect with your authentic self, reclaim your power, and unleash your dreams, vision and goals. Anne can help you to release old patterns and limiting beliefs, replace them with positive and future focused beliefs, and turn that into specific plans for life and work success. Through a variety of modalities Anne guides and inspires you to resolve old issues and achieve higher levels of success and satisfaction.
Working with Anne is a unique experience. Clients experience insight, reflection, inspiration and action. You will be assigned integration homework, to maximize the learning and integrate the positive changes you will make.
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Anne is a sought after speaker, achieving accolades including Toyota Canada’s #1 speaker. She engages, inspires and creates solid learning. She delivers sessions on Leadership, Communications and Customer Service. Check for upcoming sessions in the events section.

Conferences offer a chance to learn more about Anne’s topics in a much larger venue. You get the benefit of hearing many speakers and learn about a variety of topics! Check for upcoming conferences in the events section.

Group Coaching
Group Coaching is a good alternative to one-on-one coaching. This format offers the benefit of hearing other people’s stories in the journey of learning. Sessions are much more structured than one-on-one. Each session focuses on a particular topic relevant to the coaching journey. Group coaching offers a delicate balance of serious learning and self discovery in a relaxed, focused venue. These small group retreats offer a break from the busyness of life to take a much needed breath and focus on self. By creating focus on self, we allow ourselves to understand purpose, vision, personal strengths and discover greatest professional and personal contribution. Check for upcoming sessions in the events section.

Ignite! … your purpose, passion, vision and strengths!

Anne’s new book: Ignite.. your purpose, passion, vision and strengths will be available in September.


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  • Want to set and finally ACHIEVE your goals?
  • Seeking direction and purpose?
  • Want greater balance in your life?
  • Yearning to know, understand and leverage your strengths and values?

Join Anne in the process of self discovery in Ignite!
You can schedule a one-on-one session with Anne, or attend the transformational Ignite! program.
By connecting with our vision and approaching life from that center, we not only become more effective, we become renewed. Innergized Solutions is about helping you become a truly authentic, high performing and highly satisfied leader, someone who:

  • is authentic, allowing natural leadership style to emerge
  • uses energy reserves more efficiently, allowing more energy for key tasks, better balance and less stress
  • handles conflict and challenges more effectively
  • leverages strengths: the things that you love to do!
  • contributes to higher profitability and creates a top employer environment

So welcome. I invite you to explore this site and get connected with the resources that will help you engage, envision, inspire and empower.







Anne Rose

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